Is There Another Way?

As a parent you want to ensure the best health for your child. Well baby visits are designed to fulfill this promise; however, these appointments are filled with the doctor’s insistence upon vaccination as the only way to ensure your child’s health. But is it true?

We live in a culture that asks us to take responsibility for our family’s health, but also, when it comes to infectious disease, to partake in prevention programs, so that for the benefit of society, we all work towards keeping disease incidence down. Without any other option, it may look like vaccination is the only way to serve this purpose.

Parents want a way to keep their child healthy while educating the immune system.

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD, former research immunologist at Harvard says, “Over the years, I have come to realize that conventional immunology simply cannot provide real answers as to what constitutes natural immunity to infectious disease. The theory that supports vaccination is deeply flawed, and we must seek the answers beyond immunology and beyond vaccines.”

We know there is another way. It is risk free, effective, and serves to satisfy larger public health needs. This other way is called Homeoprophylaxis!

Homeoprophylaxis is a time-honored and well-documented practice for preventing infectious disease. In addition to preventing disease  it also educates the immune system without the unwanted side-effects of vaccination. It offers a safe and gentle method of protection, and a solution to the middle-of-the-night worry that dwells in the heart of every parent with a sick and crying child.

There IS another way. Homeoprophylaxis provides all the benefits of acute disease without the suffering and actually stimulates a greater level of health.


About TheSolution_HP

The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at
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