Pay Now or Pay Later

We’ve all been caught in the dilemma of making a big purchase. Lay out the cash now, or put it on the card to pay later? The lure of glossy advertising lulls us into believing that instant gratification is quick, easy and safe!  Maybe I won’t have to pay for it now….. but the reality is that interest always accumulates.

Have we begun to bargain with the health of our children in the same way? Are we trading fevers and childhood illnesses for the interest compounded into chronic disease? According to Donald Miller, MD, a cardiac surgeon at the University of Washington Medical School, “developmental disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, cancer, and chronic diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes are the biggest problems among children today.” Is this what we have traded for chicken pox, measles and mumps?

Chronic disease is the accumulated interest of eradicating acute disease, stopping fevers and suppressing all symptoms. It is a misguided effort to capture quick and easy apparent “health.”

Getting the latest vaccine is alluring when all the “experts” tout the benefits of eradicating yet another strain of pneumonia. This has hoodwinked us into believing that all germs are bad. The truth is that exposure to these organisms and the purification of fevers is what keeps our children healthy.

True health is the result of a vibrant, well-exercised immune system. Every illness, cold, or fever makes a deposit into this health bank account. The goal is to capture the benefit of disease without the suffering.

This is the goal of homeoprophylaxis. Tiny doses of disease educate the immune system in a safe and effective way.  Allowing the natural cycle of a fever and resolution to build immunity is the dependable deposit into the lifelong health account. Avoiding all illness is simply accumulating interest to be paid later in the form of chronic ill health.

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