What is Health Freedom?

Homeoprophylaxis provides another option to those parents seeking a safe alternative to vaccines. The right to choose one’s own healthcare and disease prevention option is a basic human right. This lies at the heart of health freedom.

The autism rate has been steadily increasing over the last two decades. It’s reached epidemic proportions while U.S. health officials have been helpless to tell us the cause or the cure. In the U.S. one child in every 88 now suffers from an autism spectrum diagnosis! Studies by independent researchers have identified vaccines as a causative factor.

On November 29th, 2012 a congressional hearing will once again address what the government is doing for autism. Are you aware of how governmental actions can impact your life? When health care options are eliminated through restrictive laws and regulations, the freedom to choose is eliminated. Access to personal options becomes meaningless and erodes our basic right for the pursuit of freedom and happiness.

The National Health Freedom Coalition envisions “a healthy nation, with empowered people, making informed health care decisions.” Their vision includes the right for individuals to choose their own disease prevention method. Education is a key ingredient in this process.

Democracy aims to provide individual freedoms – a true democracy includes the right to choose for one’s own health, or that of a child. What is the choice you need to make for your own family? Or have you mistakenly been swept along in the tide of those people who have let others choose for them?

Visit: http://www.thinkingautismguide.com/2012/11/speak-out-congressional-autism-hearing.html for ways you can make a difference.

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