The Voice of an Immunologist

Dr. ObukhanychThis week we’d like to share some of an interview with Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD, the immunologist who wrote the foreword to “The Solution,”

and author of “Vaccine Illusion: How Vaccination Compromises Our Natural Immunity and What We Can Do to Regain Health.” The following is an excerpt from a 3 part interview by Catherine J. Frompovich. Parts 1 and 2 from June 13th and 20th can be viewed here.

CJF: What is the reality for a modern-day immunologist that makes the majority of them, if not all, close their eyes to what is going on outside their labs in the vaccine-damaged world?  This is what I would call the ‘politics’ of research science.  Would you agree?

“I would like to give the readers a taste of what it feels like to be in the field of Immunology. I found that basic immunologists, and I was like that too for a long time, do not typically educate themselves about anything other than the narrow area of research they are involved in, not even about epidemiologic research that reveals profound amounts of vaccine failures.  Immunologists do not “know” that vaccines fail to protect.   Or perhaps, it is the collective professional pride that doesn’t allow them to see that vaccination, the cherished fruit of their research endeavors to which they devote their whole lives, is so flawed compared to naturally acquired immunity.

It is a taboo to discuss public or even personal concerns with vaccination.  Any attempt to bring these issues up for discussion, to raise even a slightest hint of concern about lack of properly done science behind vaccine safety, efficacy, or necessity is bound to encounter the wrath and indignation of colleagues.  The mantra that vaccines are safe and effective and that they save lives is taken beyond faith and beyond the need for even slightest examination.”

CJF: Therefore to question would be analogous to committing scientific mortal sin, it seems?

“So, on the one hand, basic immunologists entertain themselves with the artifact-prone theory without bothering themselves to take a look at how their theory plays out when applied in the form of vaccines to the human population at large.  On the other hand, epidemiologists and public health officials hardly know enough of the intricate immunologic theory to realize that vaccines do not perform as expected by the theory. They simply introduce more and more schedules for booster vaccines as a quick-fix solution for apparent vaccine failures.

“This compartmentalization and this tunnel vision that permeates the science is what stands in the way for any single specialist to search for the bigger picture on vaccination and get horrified by what transpires from such a search.   And what transpires is the realization that something about the virtues of vaccination doesn’t quite add up.  In the mainstream science, however, the impetus for taking a broad look at vaccination is definitely lacking and instead there is a lot of pressure to keep your head down in the sand.”

CJF:You have to be joking!  I find that shocking since science is supposed to be about open discussions to find newer, better, and factual science.

“I want to share with the readers my view on why we need to change the way we do science.  We have indeed created a mess with vaccination, yet we don’t have to keep ourselves in this mess.  But first, I want the readers to see what perpetuates the kind of science that keeps us in the mess.

“In the U.S., scientists are mere slaves of the Establishment, they can only do research on what they are funded for.  Not only their research money, but also their career development and salaries depend on grants, especially during early phases of career development.  Why would anyone be surprised that scientists are not able to or do not feel too secure attempting to do research that is not in line with the agenda of the funding sources that support their most basic livelihood?

“It is not a secret that the vast majority of our biomedical research is funded by the government, pharma, or private foundations with very strong pro-drug or pro-vaccine agendas.  This determines the priorities and the focus of biomedical research in a way that gives all the power to the funding sources, and little power of knowledge to individuals to make their own informed decisions.

“Why don’t we have science that systematically and adequately addresses parents’ concerns with vaccines?

“Why don’t we have science that systematically and adequately studies natural factors determining mild versus severe courses of any infectious disease or even disease susceptibility itself?

“Why don’t we have science that gives us understanding of natural immunity?

“As a scientist, I personally want to be accountable to society directly and to be able to address the concerns/needs for scientifically researchable information for society without the filters that are put in-between society and the scientists by government/pharma’s agendas.

“If we want to have this kind of direct relationship between scientists and society, then scientists have to be sponsored differently from how it is done right now.  We can’t possibly expect pharma or government to sponsor the kind of science that takes their power away from them, can we?  And we can’t expect scientists to starve their families while they are trying to establish research they are not going to be funded for or promoted for, can we?

“Can we then establish the direct relationship between the scientists and society to promote research that places the power of knowledge into our own hands, not into the hands of the Establishment?

“Just like the U.S. Constitution principle of the separation between religion and the state has brought us tremendous prosperity, imagine what we can achieve with the separation between science and the state.

“I encourage everyone to pause and think for a moment how to accomplish this.”

Please visit us at Free and Healthy Children International for an overview of independently funded research into the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis – a vaccine alternative.

Disclaimer: Information presented in the interview is for educational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice.  Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD is not a licensed health care professional and does not recommend for or against vaccination or homeoprophylaxis.

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