What is Your ‘Gut Feeling’ About Vaccines?

trustParents often will express that when they think about giving their child a vaccination, or a collection of vaccines, their ‘gut feeling’ is telling them it’s just not right. They may talk to their partner or doctor about this only to be told that their ‘gut feeling’ is nonsense and they should look at all the data stating vaccines are perfectly safe, and if one doesn’t vaccinate they are putting their child at risk for disease.

The thought of putting one’s child at such risk is often enough to register a new feeling in the gut. This is one of fear and protection. This feeling is obeyed since vaccines are the only option presented for infectious disease prevention. The initial gut feeling that vaccines may harm their child is overruled by the natural instinct to protect one’s child.

Why is it in one instance the ‘gut feeling’ is to be ignored while in the other  the ‘gut feeling’ is to be obeyed? In the first, the feeling is dismissed as being uninformed, not listening to facts, or emotionally driven (as if this has no value), while in the other instance the protective (emotionally driven) instinct we have for our children in the face of disease is valued, encouraged and honored? Are not both of these emotional prerogatives arising from the same place inside of us; that of protecting our children?

The reality is that all ‘gut feelings’ inform us of important truths that sometimes the outward appearance of things seems to contradict.

What we have been told to be true about vaccines may be true in theory. What we see in clinical practice is a very different story. Many parents come to our homeopathic practices to repair the damage from vaccines saying, ‘I had a gut feeling that the vaccines weren’t right, but I didn’t have any information to back it up so I gave them anyway.’ How they regretted their choice when they realized that by ignoring their ‘gut feeling’ they unwittingly damaged their child’s health.

We advocate that when it comes to protecting children’s health you must trust your gut. Children naturally trust us to protect them.  If we live in integrity with ourselves, our gut will inform us well about both the simple decisions and the more difficult ones – whom we should be friends with, what we want for dinner, which job to take, and how to protect our precious children. It is that simple.

What does your gut feeling tell you about Homeoprophylaxis? Perhaps you need more information before you know what you are feeling. Are you wanting to know more? We are here to answer your questions and share our own experiences. We are here to offer an alternative to raise more free and healthy children.  Kate and Cilla


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The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at hpsolution.me
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