State of Affairs: Alarming

This week I have had the opportunity to step outside of my country of residence (USA) for a week, and with much rest have had the time to examine the state of affairs in the US with regards to vaccines, autism, and states encroaching on parent’s rights to raisFront covere their children the way they see fit.

In my sojourn I have traveled to England where  a band of people have dedicated their lives to defaming homeopaths. They stand by their assertions that all homeopaths are delusional  and there is no way homeopathy could ever help to prevent or treat infectious contagious disease amidst a growing measles epidemic.

I have read blogs discussing how  vaccines have killed, maimed, or otherwise damaged the health of children, and other blogs on how people are fired from their jobs, or kicked out of schools for not vaccinating. There are posts from mothers who have lost the ability to know in their own gut what is right for their children; who are easily persuaded by fear and propaganda while the government is busy making plans to track everyone’s vaccine status.  All this is happening in a country where infectious disease is nearly nonexistent.

There are those who would argue that the reduction of infectious disease is because of vaccines.  There are also those who can demonstrate it is vaccinated children who are now contracting the diseases.

The whole thing seems way out of control. The reason and rationale that should prevail in ordinary, thinking people’s minds is shot out the door. Pregnant pro-vaccine moms are pitted against life-long friends who are parents of non-vaccinated  children.

For me it is not whether you vaccinate or not, but rather if the rationale you rely upon to make the choice regarding your children‘s health is sound. If you let fear be your guide — whether it is fear of the disease, or fear of vaccines — you are denying yourself the opportunity to really understand the problem and any possible solution.

We must first try to understand the true nature of infectious disease. Next we must understand how the immune system really works, and then seek to find a system of medicine that helps the individual learn about the disease process and how to recover from it. People may come and go, but no matter what we do, infectious disease is here to stay. It is our job to figure out how to live with these viruses and bacteria in harmony.

If we let the government tell us what to inject into our blood, have we lost the sovereignty over our own bodies?  Then is it really possible for us to think for ourselves anymore?

Let’s calm down bit, let ration be our guide, and look towards a Solution that can help get us out of this mess.


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