Do Children get Sick with Homeoprophylaxis?

The cycle of inflammation:        T cells (orange) communicate via cytokines with other inflammatory cells, such as B cells and macrophages, to maintain and amplify this cycle.


Before answering we must determine the reasoning for the question. On one side there is fear of sickness; on the other there is now fear of vaccines and adverse events. It is from these points of view this question is being raised.

We have been led by conventional medicine to view febrile sickness as a worrisome thing to avoid at all costs. The use of vaccines and antibiotics has been towards this end. On the other side, as the number of vaccines have increased and doctors over prescribe antibiotics, parents are seeing their children suffer more severe immunological distress than the sicknesses may have ever caused.

The immune system’s primary function is to discern self from non-self. Who am I and who am I not? This function is mirrored by the act of putting food in our bodies (what needs to be absorbed and what is eliminated?), the billions of antigens we encounter daily (do I need to make antibodies against or not?), and the process of intellectual discrimination (what thoughts are rational and what is junk?: What do I know is true and what have I been led to believe?).

We are exposed to all sorts of external influences. The immune system’s function is to discriminate: A healthy immune system knows how to react with the environment and how to build a defense to those agents which could otherwise harm it. The strength of our defense mechanism determines the extent of our reaction. Those who are sickly will produce an insufficient immunological response and the process of disease can progress. Those who have a strong defense mechanism are at risk for over reacting, producing too high of a fever or purgative process which also puts the body at risk.

Healthy immunological response is to produce a sufficient fever and the appropriate elimination pathway resulting in immunity. Fevers and discharges are healthy and are necessary for normal childhood development. If a child never gets fevers they are at risk for chronic disease later in life.

The problem of not vaccinating, and not having a method to treat infectious disease is that when your child gets sick, unless you have access to homeopathy to treat the illness, there is risk of harm. With vaccinating however, rather than the risk of infectious disease, the child is at risk of vaccine injury which can have life-long devastating effects.

The opening question is best translated to: how is homeoprophylaxis affecting the immune system and is there a risk of homeoprophylaxis injury?

The nosodes used in homeoprophylaxis are sourced from pure disease entities without added adjuvants, preservatives, and incubation medium. They are potentized (serial dilution) beyond the point of having anything in them. These nosodes still maintain an energetic imprint of the disease which has the ability to initiate an immunological response when administered orally. The desired response is to produce mild symptoms relating to the disease of the nosode given (fever and discharge). The purpose is to practice immunological action to that disease entity so that if exposed, the immune system knows how to respond appropriately. If the immunological response to the nosode is significant enough it will generate immunity to the disease. Typically the immunological response is mild and short lived (24 hours or less) while the body behaves ‘as if’ it has the disease. As there is no disease agent present, the symptoms subside on their own.

Is this sickness? Not really. It is healthy immune system function which helps to build a healthy immune system.

In contrast to vaccines where the immunological response stimulated can lead to high fevers, seizures, allergic reactions, ear infections, neurological problems, developmental delays and more, homeoprophylaxis can never cause this. Vaccines are made with the actual antigen, multiple disease are given at once, and vaccine adjuvants force an over productive immunological response. As vaccines are injected they need to be eliminated. It is the attempted elimination process which puts the child at risk. Rather than helping to build the immune system, vaccines act to confuse immunological response, leaving in their wake a generation of children lumbering with allergies, pervasive developmental delays and neurological deficits. They have done nothing to teach the immune system how to discriminate as it should.


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