A parent asks:

“HomeoRemedy vialpathic nosodes (HP) are, at the end of the day, still disease agents. Can they produce reactions in infants such as, asthma, ADD, Autism ADHD etc., like conventional vaccines are known to?”

“A fair bit of online research points to long-term negative effects of conventional vaccines including, a possible link to cancer and diabetes. While there isn’t too much documentation on the long-term effects of HP, I know that it has been around for around 200 years. Nonetheless, I do wonder, could HP have the same or similar negative long-term effects on humans as conventional vaccines do? Could there ever be a possibility of it creating the same kind of confusion within the immune system that could, in later life, perhaps trigger cancer cells, diabetes etc.?”

We respond: As for the side effects of HP, you have to understand the nature of infectious disease: With natural exposure and normal immune system function, infectious disease will  never cause asthma, ADD, Autism ADHD, cancer, diabetes etc. It would only be when the immune system is weak, or if the reaction of the person to the infective process is severe that there could be the secondary effects or damaging effects of infectious disease. i.e. Whooping cough could cause suffocation, Measles can cause demyelination of the brain, tetanus can cause paralysis, Pneumonia can cause the persons lungs to fill and so on.

The risks of infectious disease are the person’s response to the disease. If we are able to weaken the virulence of the disease then we can create an immune system response that does not put the person at risk.

Also normally, an individual would be only experiencing one disease at a time. It is not normal to have simultaneously active whooping cough, Hep B, polio, diphtheria and tetanus (Pediarix vaccine). Given these two factors, that of how immune systems responds to infectious agents and multiple diseases given at once, we can look at vaccine responses.

In vaccines it is not only the antigen present but also the adjuvants, preservatives, host mediums and toxins. All of those ingredients and the combination of disease agents given in conjunction with a fever reducer produce the chronic conditions we see in children today. The adjuvants produce inflammatory responses and the fever reducer limits the ability of the body to rid itself of the actual antigen and the body keeps responding as if the disease is still present. Accordingly, the antigen settles into its organ of affinity- DTaP to the nervous system, Hep B to the liver, Measles to the brain etc and continues along its line of pathogenesis.

So going back to HP, here we have the pure disease agent without any other toxins. This agent is then diluted and diluted till there is no longer any antigen present. The process of homeopathic attenuation has diluted the antigen so much that there is nothing left in the solution but the alcohol solvent. Only the energetic nature of it remains. Also in accordance to our HP program we give only one nosode at a time. It is given in a dose sufficient to stimulate a normal immune system response, but not one where the individual’s life or health is put at risk. This normal immune system response serves to educate the immune system to the disease process. The dose is so low you would not get the same kind of reaction you might get with the actual disease or the vaccine, but you do get the learning of the disease. It is like the learning without the suffering. Furthermore, there is never the secondary complications as the disease agent is never introduced to the system.

Dr Isaac Golden has studied this work in Australia since 1985 and he noted that children who go through the HP program are actually stronger and healthier than children who don’t. We are finding the same thing.

We hope this helps.


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