Why Research Homeoprophylaxis

BarcelonaSocial, political, economic and environmental pressures continue to evolve the landscape we exist within. One of the realities of human existence is the prevalence of infectious disease. As an attempt towards survival, humans have sought to mitigate infectious disease incidence through a variety of means. Currently the largest movement to these ends, aside from basic public health care measures, is the vaccine paradigm. While we believe this paradigm evolved from good intentions, the effects of this paradigm are making more and more of a negative impact on children’s short and long-term health. The vaccine paradigm is backed one of the largest global economic and political forces, the pharmaceutical industry. This industry has been given virtual a ‘carte blanche’ for all of its directives yet remains free from any social, ethical, or economic culpability from those same directives.

While proponents of the vaccine paradigm would insist either that vaccines are perfectly safe, or that the occasional negative response to a vaccine is an acceptable risk in light of the benefits, assessment of the general health of children in North America evidence a different conclusion. Rather than being accused of being ‘Anti-vaxers,’ which to some means anti-disease protection, we (FHCi) are working towards the creation of a paradigm shift.

We believe it is advisable to prevent infectious disease but we question if vaccination is the only method to do so? Furthermore, as disease incidence is in direct relationship to the health of the individual, a disease prevention program that ignores the health of the individual is unacceptable to us. Rather than sitting around and watching more and more children become developmentally disabled, we are taking a stand to develop another way.

Furthermore, educated parents are opting to not vaccinate knowing they are putting their children’s health at risk of infectious disease; Knowing that they will endure public scrutiny and the possibility of exclusion from public education. They are looking for another way too. We believe homeoprophylaxis (HP) offers another way. Disease prevention through the use of HP, when used in a systematic method as detailed by this paper, serves to educate the immune system towards infectious disease processes without the attendant risks vaccines pose.

This study is as much about exploring the efficacy of HP for disease prevention, but also to examine the viability of HP as a public health care model and to satisfy the public demand for more freedom of choice in the matter. Accordingly, at the risk being in the line of fire from persecution from the pharmaceutical lobby, public scrutiny and being shunned by our own colleagues, who have their own ideas about HP, we have spent 4 years quietly assessing and designing the structure of this program to work within the social, political, economic, and environmental pressures surrounding the issue.

We have sought to develop an infectious disease prevention program with the primary goal of strengthening children’s short and long term-health. Secondarily, we have established a legal mechanism of access within the current legal limitations facing the use of nosodes for homeopaths in North America.

Not only will this study benefit the science and clinical practice of homeopathy – and maybe even prove to other homeopaths its viability – it serves a greater humanitarian need for a safe, effective and economically viable disease prevention program. Furthermore, upon acceptance of the program we ultimately are inviting the possibility of a new epoch for mankind – one with greater freedom of choice, economic sustainability and healthy children who will grow to become functioning members of society.


About TheSolution_HP

The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at hpsolution.me
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