Vaccine Free

A book review by Petra Wood                                                                                           Spectrum of Homeopathy 1/2010,

At last! A complete reference textbook on contagious diseases, and a must for those sticky issues around vaccinations, written for homeopaths and laypeople alike.9781425118693_COVER.indd

This book is a monumental work on vaccines and vaccination issues (damage and alternatives), and addresses the widest range of infectious and contagious diseases.

The first five chapters explain the basic philosophy of homoeopathy in 60 pages. It is one of the best introductions to homeopathy I have come across. The author covers the concepts of vital force, the immune system, and miasms and nosodes in a succinct, yet very understandable language, making the text accessible not just for homeopaths but for laypeople alike. The author‘s passion for homeopathy shines through her words. References to the Organon are made throughout the book, which gives the reassuring feeling that the author knows her philosophical roots.

One chapter is dedicated to homeoprophylaxis, explaining its roots with Hahnemann‘s own prescriptions. Dr Isaac Golden‘s work in this field is analyzed and the guidelines for his prescription strategy are given in a very accessible way.

Another chapter deals with vaccine injury; its treatment with homeopathic remedies and its prognosis in homeopathic terms.

The main part of the book, where diseases are dealt with individually, follows on. The number of diseases included in the book is extremely comprehensive, with conditions ranging from the usual childhood illnesses to tropical diseases, from tuberculosis to gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS. The diseases, which form the basis for the miasms (gonorrhea, tuberculosis and syphilis) are described in a way that gives a deep understanding of the miasmatic background of chronic disease. The chapter on AIDS offers some interesting speculations on the reasons of its rapid spread. (Cancer is dealt with in the appendix, as it is not a contagious disease.)

Each disease is described with its origins and symptoms, followed by conventional vaccines and treatment. Next comes a comprehensive list of homeopathic remedies, both prophylactic and for treatment once the symptoms have developed. More detailed Materia medica information is given for the main remedies, enabling the reader to make a differentiated choice. Even though many remedies feature for several diseases, each entry is always centered on the disease discussed. Studying the whole book provides, therefore, a good Materia medica knowledge of major and minor remedies.

Throughout, the author points out the need for individualizing symptoms and potency choices. She stresses the need for healthy expression of disease and miasmatic tendencies, and gives prognoses that help the reader understand what to expect; a temporary rise of fever or the appearance of an eruption, for example.

The author emphasizes the understanding of susceptibility as a means to find remedies to support the individual. Since many of the diseases discussed are epidemic, the susceptibility of the whole society, at the time, needs to be taken into account. The chapter on cholera is particularly explicit here; describing the situation in revolutionary and post-revolutionary France (a time of major cholera outbreaks) she likened the mental and emotional state of the main cholera remedies (Cuprum, Camphora and Veratrum album) to the state of society.

This book is a must for any parent concerned about the issue of vaccination and wanting to be confident in providing homeopathic support and alternatives for their child, as well as for any homeopathic practitioner, who see children as part of his/her practice.


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