Energetic Medicine

Excerpts from Vaccine Free                                                                                                        Homeopathy offers an explanation of disease that diverges from a materialistic view of the human experience. It is an energetic system of medicine. Modern medicine, in contrast, as it is focused on the biochemical aspects of the human system, fails to understand the dynamic nature of man, his spirit, will, and personality, within his environment.

The mechanisms of homeopathy are not explained in physiological or mechanical terms. Homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann before the time of microscopes, blood tests, and the development of germ theories. Yet, when a remedy was given according to the “Law of Similars,” to a person with a disease cure ensued; removal of symptoms in addition to a quantifiable and qualitative energetic shift to a state of well-being. From this observation, Hahnemann concluded there must be an energetic substrate upon which the life of humans hung.

The Vital Force                                                                                                                                 At the core of homeopathic thought is the concept that the human experience is a collaboration of physical and energetic phenomena. While the body has physiological reactions and material presence, life is brought to it through a mechanism that modern science has not yet been able to identify. In homeopathic philosophy, we call this mechanism the “vital force.” This vital force has an unseen yet measurable intelligence, which governs the material body.

The vital force maintains a dynamic state of flux within the body with regard to both sensations and functions. It is measured in terms of well-being. In health and disease, the human body is animated by the vital force and has the ability to adapt to changes in its environment. Homeoprophylaxis seeks to educate the immune system from the level of the vital force.

Susceptibility                                                                                                                     Hahnemann termed the inherent susceptibilities and reactions of humans to their environments as “natural disease.” These susceptibilities and defense mechanisms, while dynamic in nature, are demonstrated through the physical reactions to these diseases. Immune system response to acute infectious contagious diseases is also a part of this natural defense mechanism. The success of homeopathy is a result of treatment directed at improving the defense mechanism’s ability to defend itself rather than eradicating the offending agents. Potentized preparations of disease agents in the use of homeoprophylaxis serve to strengthen the vital force and lessen susceptibility to infectious processes.

The Minimum Dose                                                                                                                         When Hahnemann first started using homeopathic remedies his preparations were undiluted. This was a problem with toxic substances. It seemed the more quantity he gave, the more toxic they became. There was a fine line between helping the person and poisoning them. In time Hahnemann developed the process of potentization in order to reduce this toxic effect. To his surprise, he found that the more potentized the substance was the more powerful it was in restoring health and the less he needed to give.

In the process of potentization, a substance has been successively diluted and succussed (a process of vigorous shaking with impact). While this process reduces the material aspect of the remedy, it enhances the energetic nature of it. Rather than using crude doses of disease to stimulate immunity, Homeoprophylaxis uses potentized preparations of disease so as to reduce their toxic effect on the body.

As the vital force is the mechanism that animates life, in medicine we need a medium subtle enough, and in an energetic form, to speak to it. Nosodes do just this.



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