Why Not Just Do Nothing?

We meet parents all the time who are bright, intelligent, and resourceful. They care deeply about their children. They’ve done their homework investigating the ingredients in vaccines, and they question the risks to premature babies, immune compromised children and other atypical populations. As a result of their investigation, they’ve made a choice to not vaccinate and we applaud them!

So why undertake homeoprophylaxis (HP) instead of just doing nothing?

Simple: To educate your child’s immune system. The act of coming in contact with a highly attenuated (weakened) natural disease carries great benefits. Mother Nature had a plan when measles, mumps and chicken pox were designed. Their purpose is to exercise and educate a child’s immune system.  This biological education includes mounting a fever, creating a discharge or eruption and finding resolution – the steps for the maturation of full immunity.

Our good health is dependent upon our harmonious relationship with viruses and bacteria. These life forms possess a directive to live and thrive, mutating if necessary. Rather than being a sitting duck and waiting around to see if you get sick why not per-emtively educate the immune system towards the disease process?

HP delivers one disease at a time in a pure and gentle manner. It’s introduced through the mouth where the initial immune response can begin. this in turn enhances immunity. Enhanced general immunity is added insurance for long term health. There are no preservatives, no antibiotics, no chemicals of any kind; just the vibrational pattern of the disease itself.

HP provides all the benefits of disease without any of the risks.


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2 Responses to Why Not Just Do Nothing?

  1. Jen says:

    How can I find out if this is available in my immediate area? I’m very much interested in learning more.

  2. Hi Jen! Just click on Access to HP and it will take you to another page where you can scroll down and find your state. If no one is near you, many supervisors will work from a distance through
    Skype or you can contact myself or Kate to work with you.

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