Why is there a Polio epidemic in Syria?

Ever wonder why epidemics of disease come to certain populations yet remain absent in neighboring communities or countries? Some people would say it is because of a lack of vaccines, access to medical intervention, or poor sanitation. As a homeopath and neophyte epidemiologist these are some of the observations I have made:

Pathogens have acted as checks and balances in the human population based upon human frailties and errors of living. The action of pathogens can be seen as pressure release valves for situations and environments not conducive to sustaining human life in its fullest, either for the individual or the larger population. Those with poor nutrition, living in over-crowded or unsanitary conditions, or those under certain political and social pressures have a much greater susceptibility to contracting a disease which specifically relates to those conditions. The disease serves as a catalyst to solve the problem of the inhospitable living conditions. Humans must act on the changes that need to be made within that population to lessen the incidence of the disease. Most of these changes have to do with hygiene and nutritional status, but the political-social-economic forces must also be dealt with and changed.

Ever wonder how it was that after the earthquake in Haiti cholera set in, yet in the Dominican Republic, which shares the same island there was no cholera? Moreover, as Haiti is on an island, where would cholera come from and why would it show up, then and there, after the earthquake? History demonstrates that cholera comes into a population when there is a destruction of the central government and the sewage and water are mixed. These two ingredients together leave the population susceptible to this kind of disease. It is not until a central governmental body was established and the water was cleaned up that the epidemic was brought under control.

The same could be said about Syria and Polio. The last polio epidemic we knew of took place in the 1950’s here in the US. During that time there was huge social unrest based on the ever present racial divide. It was when one group of people forced dominance over another group, so much so that the dominated were subjected to torture and discrimination then Polio found itself a home. When social conflict cannot find a rational vent towards resolution, an epidemic disease of similar construct sets in to attempt to solve the problem.

So now in Syria,  one group of people is seeking to dominate another and no amount of rational debate or international support is achieving a solution. The morphogenetic field of the people of  Syria is crying out for resolution and nature has produced a polio epidemic to help solve the problem.

Based on this understanding of disease I doubt that any amount of vaccination will help solve the problem until the social unrest is alleviated. It is to these ends that international aid be focused if we want to see a reduction in disease incidence.


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