Homeopathy for Influenza

Did you know that homeopathy can not only treat influenza but can also be used to prevent it?

While the conventional model would have us think the Influenza vaccine and Tamiflu are the only options when it comes to treating or preventing the flu, homeopathy offers another way. If you are armed with a home remedy kit, or even have access to a homeopath you can be sure you will make it healthily through this flu season.

Homeopathy found its place in the history books documenting the great success in treating the influenza pandemic of 1918. In contrast to conventional care in the United States, where some 548,000 people died from the flu, homeopathic literature is filled with many success stories from clinics around the country. For instance, in Philadelphia, 26,795 cases were treated with homeopathy with a mortality rate of only 1.05%, while in the allopathic practice the mortality rate was 30-60% during the same time frame. [i]

At the time aspirin was the conventional medical approach to treatment. Unfortunately aspirin dosing leads to pneumonia which then can lead to death. As aspirin also promotes bleeding and the conventional use called for excessive dosing, many people who took aspirin also died from hemorrhage to the lung, or internal bleeding.

Influenza is easy to treat with homeopathy. We have the understanding that the remedy that best matches the symptoms of most of the presenting cases is called the “Genus Epidemicus.” Sometimes a group of remedies will be effective as the Genus Epidemicus. In the epidemic of 1918, the primary Genus Epidemicus was Gelsemium. Other remedies like Rhus toxicodendron, Bryonia, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Baptisia, and Pyrogenium (in that order) were also used with success. These remedies are all still commonly used in the treatment of the flu and prophylactically.

The first remedy to think of for prevention would be the homeopathic nosode Influenzinum. This remedy is available through your local homeopath. What follows is a brief listing of the most common homeopathic remedies for flu. When in doubt consult your homeopath.

Aconite: Sudden onset of the flu with great anxiety and fear. She thinks she is about to die.

Arnica:  Flu with a feeling of soreness, as if bruised internally and externally.

Arsenicum album: Extremely restless, oversensitive, anxious and weak. Chill and fear of dying

Baptisia:  Looks drowsy and drunk.  Flu with high fever, delirium and a feeling of being bruised all over or disintegrating.

Belladonna: Flu with a high fever, red face and dilated pupils. Dryness and burning heat. Everything is intense and concentrated in the head.

Bryonia:  Extremely irritable, talks about business. Flu with a severe, throbbing headache, body pains.  All symptoms are worse from any motion.

Eupatorium  perfoliatum: Flu with body pains so severe, that the bones feel broken.

Ferrum Phos: Flu without any localizing or characteristic symptoms.

Gelsemium: Flu with chills up and down the spine. Must lay down, cannot stand up, and paralytic weakness.

Nux Vomica: Flu with great irritability and over sensitivity.  Easily offended, angry, cold.

Phosphorus:  The flu quickly affects the lungs, especially the base of the right lung.  Lots of cough, and possible bruising or bleeding.

Pyrogenium:  Septic states where flu has turned to decomposition. Foul smelling breath. Low fevers and delirium with rapid pulse.

Rhus toxicodendron: Flu with body aches, stiff and restless, better with movement hot bath and massage.

[i] Winston Julian. UThe Faces of HomeopathyU. Tawa, New Zealand: Great Auk Publishing, 2004.


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