Immune Development

Excerpt from the book:

“The immune system is designed to direct us toward the ultimate goal in life – survival and growth. It does so through its natural intelligence, which is a powerful vital force permeating every cell in the body. Immune system development is interconnected with the development of the nervous system, the digestive system, along with the development of the intellect, personality and social function of the individual.

“After nine months of symbiotic life in the womb, Baby emerges as a separate being with his innate immune system intact (general immune system). This system acts as the first line of defense in a non-specific manner. The newborn’s main challenge is differentiating self from non-self in relationship to the outer world. Through exposure to the environment, the immune system determines what is good for the body and what is not, what should be assimilated and what should be eliminated.

“From the Mother’s breast, the child receives nourishment along with her antibodies. This passive acquired immunity serves as protection from specific diseases. Over time the child begins to develop his or her own antibodies and memory of how to respond to particular antigens.

“In the first year an infant knows how to localize inflammation, develop a fever, and produce a discharge to eliminate any foreign invader. Runny noses, coughs and rashes are all evidence of this general immune system activity. Specific antibody production begins by around one year of age and continues to develop over the following years.

“This process of maturation continues over the next five to ten years. By the age of six, general and specific immunity is matured in its ability to identify intruders, mount an appropriate febrile defense, develop specific antibodies, and contain, immobilize and eliminate offending pathogens from the system.

“The natural excretory routes for these discharges are through nasal discharge, expectoration from the lungs, via the stool or through the skin via perspiration or eruptions.”


5 Responses to Immune Development

  1. sarah k. says:

    I am grateful yo have found you as a resource! I havethree girls and am currently breastfeeding. How canImake sure my milkis of the upmost nutrition for baby? I wonder if my diet/ my body is toxified, then is my milk still good?????

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      The best advice is to eat good healthy food. Organic is best, whole grains, meat and vegies. And not be stressed about it. If you have health concerns and your body is not making enough milk then see if you can find a homeopath to work with to get your health on track.

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