Energetic Medicine

Excerpts from Vaccine Free                                                                                                        Homeopathy offers an explanation of disease that diverges from a materialistic view of the human experience. It is an energetic system of medicine. Modern medicine, in contrast, as it is focused on the biochemical aspects of the human system, fails to understand the dynamic nature of man, his spirit, will, and personality, within his environment.

The mechanisms of homeopathy are not explained in physiological or mechanical terms. Homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann before the time of microscopes, blood tests, and the development of germ theories. Yet, when a remedy was given according to the “Law of Similars,” to a person with a disease cure ensued; removal of symptoms in addition to a quantifiable and qualitative energetic shift to a state of well-being. From this observation, Hahnemann concluded there must be an energetic substrate upon which the life of humans hung.

The Vital Force                                                                                                                                 At the core of homeopathic thought is the concept that the human experience is a collaboration of physical and energetic phenomena. While the body has physiological reactions and material presence, life is brought to it through a mechanism that modern science has not yet been able to identify. In homeopathic philosophy, we call this mechanism the “vital force.” This vital force has an unseen yet measurable intelligence, which governs the material body.

The vital force maintains a dynamic state of flux within the body with regard to both sensations and functions. It is measured in terms of well-being. In health and disease, the human body is animated by the vital force and has the ability to adapt to changes in its environment. Homeoprophylaxis seeks to educate the immune system from the level of the vital force.

Susceptibility                                                                                                                     Hahnemann termed the inherent susceptibilities and reactions of humans to their environments as “natural disease.” These susceptibilities and defense mechanisms, while dynamic in nature, are demonstrated through the physical reactions to these diseases. Immune system response to acute infectious contagious diseases is also a part of this natural defense mechanism. The success of homeopathy is a result of treatment directed at improving the defense mechanism’s ability to defend itself rather than eradicating the offending agents. Potentized preparations of disease agents in the use of homeoprophylaxis serve to strengthen the vital force and lessen susceptibility to infectious processes.

The Minimum Dose                                                                                                                         When Hahnemann first started using homeopathic remedies his preparations were undiluted. This was a problem with toxic substances. It seemed the more quantity he gave, the more toxic they became. There was a fine line between helping the person and poisoning them. In time Hahnemann developed the process of potentization in order to reduce this toxic effect. To his surprise, he found that the more potentized the substance was the more powerful it was in restoring health and the less he needed to give.

In the process of potentization, a substance has been successively diluted and succussed (a process of vigorous shaking with impact). While this process reduces the material aspect of the remedy, it enhances the energetic nature of it. Rather than using crude doses of disease to stimulate immunity, Homeoprophylaxis uses potentized preparations of disease so as to reduce their toxic effect on the body.

As the vital force is the mechanism that animates life, in medicine we need a medium subtle enough, and in an energetic form, to speak to it. Nosodes do just this.


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Empowering your family with HP

The number one calling for parents is to love and care for their infants and children in the empowerbest way they know how. We make important choices about how we birth our children, what we feed them and how we nurture them. When it comes to health care and sicknesses, we are looking for ways to hold them in the same way. The problem with the medical model of disease prevention and treatment is that the tools at hand are limited to vaccinations and antibiotics.

For those parents making conscious choices for the health of their children, this option often is in discord with one’s beliefs and values. Without another option it is possible to feel powerless, and at the mercy of a system medical treatment that does resonate with those core beliefs about the wisdom of the body and its ability to heal itself and rebound from infectious processes. Often too, the internal pressure to vaccinate can grow due to lack of access to other options.

What I remember about being a young mom when I found homeopathy was that I had found a system of medicine that worked to support my children as they grew and helped them to move through sicknesses.

As more families find the way of homeopathy they too report that before, when their child was sick, they had many fears and concerns about them getting better. With seeing the effectiveness of homeopathy, they develop confidence and knowing that when their children get sick homeopathy can always help.

When it comes to preventing infectious disease homeoprophylaxis offers a safe and effective alternative solution to the conflict between the risks of vaccinating and the risks of doing nothing

Through repeated exposure to a pure disease agent in an energetic form, infants’ immune systems learn how to respond appropriately to infectious processes. Through witnessing these subtle immunological responses parents watch their children’s immune system develop and mature unencumbered with immune system irregularities.  In so doing, not only do their children’s immune systems develop normally but parents become empowered with growing confidence that their children’s immune system will protect them from infectious diseases.

Now that’s empowerment.  That is what Free and Healthy Children International wants to share with you, your communities, and the population at large: Free and healthy children and empowered parents.

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Pro-Infectious Disease Prevention

We are looking for ways to be responsible to society by helping to keep disease incidenceRemedy vial down and to prevent unwanted suffering from disease in the individual. The question is how can we be pro-infectious disease prevention and still question vaccines? More importantly, the question is how can we educate the immune system toward the infectious process without damaging the immune system in the process?

The answer has to do with three things

  1. Attenuation
  2. Ingredients                                                                                                                 
  3. Delivery method

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) differs from vaccines in these three areas while it shares the same goals in keeping disease incidence down.

  1. Attenuation: The antigens in vaccines are attenuated (weakened) through incubating them on other host tissue and then subjecting to heat, radiation or denaturing in order to weaken the virulence of the antigen. Nosodes, (which are what are used for HP) are pure disease agents attenuated by dilution and succusion. The final product is an energetic preparation of the disease agent which is sufficiently viable to stimulate immunological reaction, but insufficient to cause full blown disease.
  2. Ingredients: For vaccines, in order to stimulate various aspects of the immune system and suppress other aspects, adjuvants, such as aluminum hydroxide, are included. Beyond that there are the host mediums, foreign DNA, antibiotics, formaldehyde, stabilizers, emulsifiers and a variety of other ingredients. The final product looks like salad dressing, a uniform solution of a variety of ingredients that would be hard enough to digest let alone for the immune system to try to reconcile and eliminate.  In addition, combination vaccines have multiple infectious agents which call upon different and conflicting aspects of the immune system to simultaneously resolve and eliminate from the body. Nosodes are derived from the discharge of a person sick with the disease. Present is the agent of the disease but also the human immunological responses to that disease agent. This is then reduced to pure energetic frequency through potentization. Nothing else!  When this frequency is administered one disease at a time to an individual, only the immune system response to that agent is activated. As there is nothing else in the nosode, nothing needs to be eliminated or detoxed out of the body.
  3. Delivery method: Vaccines are injected into the body bypassing half of the immune system; the peripheral immune system which is there to forewarn the interior that a disease agent is coming. As the peripheral immune system is bypassed, the cascade of normal immunological events is interrupted or not initiated, resulting in immune system confusion. As nosodes are energetic and administered orally, they first touch upon those mucous membranes which in turn sets up deeper immunological reactions engendering immunity. With this kind of stimulation one experiences complete immune system action toward immunity.

Through the use of pure disease agents, delivered orally, one at a time, HP serves to educate the immune system in the way it needs to be instructed. This is accomplished from the periphery to the center, in an orderly fashion.

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Vaccine Free

A book review by Petra Wood                                                                                           Spectrum of Homeopathy 1/2010,

At last! A complete reference textbook on contagious diseases, and a must for those sticky issues around vaccinations, written for homeopaths and laypeople alike.9781425118693_COVER.indd

This book is a monumental work on vaccines and vaccination issues (damage and alternatives), and addresses the widest range of infectious and contagious diseases.

The first five chapters explain the basic philosophy of homoeopathy in 60 pages. It is one of the best introductions to homeopathy I have come across. The author covers the concepts of vital force, the immune system, and miasms and nosodes in a succinct, yet very understandable language, making the text accessible not just for homeopaths but for laypeople alike. The author‘s passion for homeopathy shines through her words. References to the Organon are made throughout the book, which gives the reassuring feeling that the author knows her philosophical roots.

One chapter is dedicated to homeoprophylaxis, explaining its roots with Hahnemann‘s own prescriptions. Dr Isaac Golden‘s work in this field is analyzed and the guidelines for his prescription strategy are given in a very accessible way.

Another chapter deals with vaccine injury; its treatment with homeopathic remedies and its prognosis in homeopathic terms.

The main part of the book, where diseases are dealt with individually, follows on. The number of diseases included in the book is extremely comprehensive, with conditions ranging from the usual childhood illnesses to tropical diseases, from tuberculosis to gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS. The diseases, which form the basis for the miasms (gonorrhea, tuberculosis and syphilis) are described in a way that gives a deep understanding of the miasmatic background of chronic disease. The chapter on AIDS offers some interesting speculations on the reasons of its rapid spread. (Cancer is dealt with in the appendix, as it is not a contagious disease.)

Each disease is described with its origins and symptoms, followed by conventional vaccines and treatment. Next comes a comprehensive list of homeopathic remedies, both prophylactic and for treatment once the symptoms have developed. More detailed Materia medica information is given for the main remedies, enabling the reader to make a differentiated choice. Even though many remedies feature for several diseases, each entry is always centered on the disease discussed. Studying the whole book provides, therefore, a good Materia medica knowledge of major and minor remedies.

Throughout, the author points out the need for individualizing symptoms and potency choices. She stresses the need for healthy expression of disease and miasmatic tendencies, and gives prognoses that help the reader understand what to expect; a temporary rise of fever or the appearance of an eruption, for example.

The author emphasizes the understanding of susceptibility as a means to find remedies to support the individual. Since many of the diseases discussed are epidemic, the susceptibility of the whole society, at the time, needs to be taken into account. The chapter on cholera is particularly explicit here; describing the situation in revolutionary and post-revolutionary France (a time of major cholera outbreaks) she likened the mental and emotional state of the main cholera remedies (Cuprum, Camphora and Veratrum album) to the state of society.

This book is a must for any parent concerned about the issue of vaccination and wanting to be confident in providing homeopathic support and alternatives for their child, as well as for any homeopathic practitioner, who see children as part of his/her practice.

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Shifting the Paradigm Together with Everyday HP

As the head wanderer and wonderer at the HP parent support site  Everyday HP, I am everyday hphonored to be a guest blog writer for HP The Solution. Coupled with my family’s own experience and my subsequent reading of The Solution and a few long nights of research and writing, Everyday HP  came to be. In writing today, I am reminded of one of my all time favorite quotes from anthropologist Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

As a concerned parent, caregiver or practitioner and all around holistic health enthusiast participating, researching or thinking about homeoprophylaxis, you are doing just that. At Everyday HP, we aim to support you on your HP journey through providing community and conversation about the every day reality of educating our children’s immune systems safely, effectively and naturally.

Reflecting on your own journey, you may have once wondered: “Why would my newborn, at not even 48 hours old, need a Hepatitis B vaccine?” Perhaps you have heard that internal guidance system shouting “No!” as you watched the nurse line up 4-5 doses of mysterious fluid, ready to inject your 6-month old? Perhaps you felt it all along – that the current conventional paradigm of by-passing our peripheral immune system by injecting multiple foreign and toxic entities into young and still developing systems is dangerous.

The paths and stories vary. The questions are the same. Parents and caregivers alike are asking: Is the current vaccine paradigm really the best thing?

HP families are growing in number, and quickly. Everyday HP seeks to serve those families. Born in April of 2013, Everyday HP is an online community of parents and caregivers with children who participate in HP.  On the website you will find information about homeopathy and HP, parent forums and a blog. We gather to share our experiences, to share information and above all, support each other on our HP journeys. We’re here for you.

You are not alone in your questions. You are not alone in your concerns. You are not alone in your HP journey.

Cheers to your health and wellbeing!                                                                                                The Everyday HP Team

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Why Research Homeoprophylaxis

BarcelonaSocial, political, economic and environmental pressures continue to evolve the landscape we exist within. One of the realities of human existence is the prevalence of infectious disease. As an attempt towards survival, humans have sought to mitigate infectious disease incidence through a variety of means. Currently the largest movement to these ends, aside from basic public health care measures, is the vaccine paradigm. While we believe this paradigm evolved from good intentions, the effects of this paradigm are making more and more of a negative impact on children’s short and long-term health. The vaccine paradigm is backed one of the largest global economic and political forces, the pharmaceutical industry. This industry has been given virtual a ‘carte blanche’ for all of its directives yet remains free from any social, ethical, or economic culpability from those same directives.

While proponents of the vaccine paradigm would insist either that vaccines are perfectly safe, or that the occasional negative response to a vaccine is an acceptable risk in light of the benefits, assessment of the general health of children in North America evidence a different conclusion. Rather than being accused of being ‘Anti-vaxers,’ which to some means anti-disease protection, we (FHCi) are working towards the creation of a paradigm shift.

We believe it is advisable to prevent infectious disease but we question if vaccination is the only method to do so? Furthermore, as disease incidence is in direct relationship to the health of the individual, a disease prevention program that ignores the health of the individual is unacceptable to us. Rather than sitting around and watching more and more children become developmentally disabled, we are taking a stand to develop another way.

Furthermore, educated parents are opting to not vaccinate knowing they are putting their children’s health at risk of infectious disease; Knowing that they will endure public scrutiny and the possibility of exclusion from public education. They are looking for another way too. We believe homeoprophylaxis (HP) offers another way. Disease prevention through the use of HP, when used in a systematic method as detailed by this paper, serves to educate the immune system towards infectious disease processes without the attendant risks vaccines pose.

This study is as much about exploring the efficacy of HP for disease prevention, but also to examine the viability of HP as a public health care model and to satisfy the public demand for more freedom of choice in the matter. Accordingly, at the risk being in the line of fire from persecution from the pharmaceutical lobby, public scrutiny and being shunned by our own colleagues, who have their own ideas about HP, we have spent 4 years quietly assessing and designing the structure of this program to work within the social, political, economic, and environmental pressures surrounding the issue.

We have sought to develop an infectious disease prevention program with the primary goal of strengthening children’s short and long term-health. Secondarily, we have established a legal mechanism of access within the current legal limitations facing the use of nosodes for homeopaths in North America.

Not only will this study benefit the science and clinical practice of homeopathy – and maybe even prove to other homeopaths its viability – it serves a greater humanitarian need for a safe, effective and economically viable disease prevention program. Furthermore, upon acceptance of the program we ultimately are inviting the possibility of a new epoch for mankind – one with greater freedom of choice, economic sustainability and healthy children who will grow to become functioning members of society.

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A parent asks:

“HomeoRemedy vialpathic nosodes (HP) are, at the end of the day, still disease agents. Can they produce reactions in infants such as, asthma, ADD, Autism ADHD etc., like conventional vaccines are known to?”

“A fair bit of online research points to long-term negative effects of conventional vaccines including, a possible link to cancer and diabetes. While there isn’t too much documentation on the long-term effects of HP, I know that it has been around for around 200 years. Nonetheless, I do wonder, could HP have the same or similar negative long-term effects on humans as conventional vaccines do? Could there ever be a possibility of it creating the same kind of confusion within the immune system that could, in later life, perhaps trigger cancer cells, diabetes etc.?”

We respond: As for the side effects of HP, you have to understand the nature of infectious disease: With natural exposure and normal immune system function, infectious disease will  never cause asthma, ADD, Autism ADHD, cancer, diabetes etc. It would only be when the immune system is weak, or if the reaction of the person to the infective process is severe that there could be the secondary effects or damaging effects of infectious disease. i.e. Whooping cough could cause suffocation, Measles can cause demyelination of the brain, tetanus can cause paralysis, Pneumonia can cause the persons lungs to fill and so on.

The risks of infectious disease are the person’s response to the disease. If we are able to weaken the virulence of the disease then we can create an immune system response that does not put the person at risk.

Also normally, an individual would be only experiencing one disease at a time. It is not normal to have simultaneously active whooping cough, Hep B, polio, diphtheria and tetanus (Pediarix vaccine). Given these two factors, that of how immune systems responds to infectious agents and multiple diseases given at once, we can look at vaccine responses.

In vaccines it is not only the antigen present but also the adjuvants, preservatives, host mediums and toxins. All of those ingredients and the combination of disease agents given in conjunction with a fever reducer produce the chronic conditions we see in children today. The adjuvants produce inflammatory responses and the fever reducer limits the ability of the body to rid itself of the actual antigen and the body keeps responding as if the disease is still present. Accordingly, the antigen settles into its organ of affinity- DTaP to the nervous system, Hep B to the liver, Measles to the brain etc and continues along its line of pathogenesis.

So going back to HP, here we have the pure disease agent without any other toxins. This agent is then diluted and diluted till there is no longer any antigen present. The process of homeopathic attenuation has diluted the antigen so much that there is nothing left in the solution but the alcohol solvent. Only the energetic nature of it remains. Also in accordance to our HP program we give only one nosode at a time. It is given in a dose sufficient to stimulate a normal immune system response, but not one where the individual’s life or health is put at risk. This normal immune system response serves to educate the immune system to the disease process. The dose is so low you would not get the same kind of reaction you might get with the actual disease or the vaccine, but you do get the learning of the disease. It is like the learning without the suffering. Furthermore, there is never the secondary complications as the disease agent is never introduced to the system.

Dr Isaac Golden has studied this work in Australia since 1985 and he noted that children who go through the HP program are actually stronger and healthier than children who don’t. We are finding the same thing.

We hope this helps.

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