Press Release

Immune system education

New book offers alternative to vaccination

MINNEAPOLIS – According to authors Cilla Whatcott and Kate Birch, there is an issue in modern medicine. Due to increased public awareness and caution regarding the adverse effects of modern vaccination on children, they are offering a safe, non-toxic solution, called Homeoprophylaxis, to keep children healthy while educating and developing the immune system.

With The Solution, Birch and Whatcott hope to educate the public about how the immune system works, the role of infectious disease and how homeoprophylaxis helps prevent it.

“As homeopathic practitioners and global citizens, we are concerned about the alarming incidence of immune system disturbances and developmental delays affecting so many children as a result of the current-day vaccination programs,” says Birch. “We are committed to expanding the use of and access to homeoprophylaxis internationally for the prevention of infectious contagious disease.”

Through the book, Birch and Whatcott hope to educate families by presenting a solution to families who are navigating the complicated question of how to best protect their children’s health. The book serves as a vehicle for dialogue between family members and health care practitioners. “By understanding how the immune system works and how conventional vaccines have impacted long-term health, parents can be empowered to make wise decisions about how to keep their children healthy,” says Whatcott. “Ultimately, through The Solution, we would like to change the current paradigm about vaccines and disease from fighting bacteria and viruses to learning to coexist with them in a safe way.

The Solution – Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative

A Parent’s Guide to Educating Your Child’s Immune System

By Kate Birch & Cilla Whatcott

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5049-7

Paperback: $35.99

Available here


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