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The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative A Parent’s Guide to Educating your Child’s Immune System

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Homeoprophylaxis for Free and Healthy Children

About the Book

By Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH, and Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom,CCH,  Illustrated by Hannah Albert ND

This beautifully illustrated coffee-table style book is written for parents and in-laws navigating the big question of how to protect their children from infectious disease without the risks of vaccination. Rather than being caught in the battle between those in the pro-vaccine camp and those in the anti-vaccine camp the content of this book offers another way. The question is not should we prevent disease or not, but rather is vaccination the best and only method to do so?

The Solution is aptly titled as Homeoprophylaxis offers a viable alternative to vaccination for the prevention of infectious disease. The authors’ basic precept is that infectious disease may actually be of some benefit to the immune system. Homeoprophylaxis, as fully explained in the book, serves to safely stimulate healthy immune response without the side-effects vaccines incur.

The current method of vaccination may lessen the risk of certain diseases, but with the increase in childhood allergies, asthma, ear infections and developmental delays, we are seeing that this method comes with a host of side-effects.

The book carefully and knowledgeably discusses how the immune system works, how it is interconnected with childhood development, and how to capture the benefits of disease without unwanted side-effects. It is packed with important facts, such as how fever aids the infectious process,  how bacteria and humans have evolved together over eons, and how additives in vaccines can actually become allergens to the child if later exposed.

If you are questioning the wisdom of current vaccine recommendations, or something in your gut tells you that the conventional vaccine schedule is not right for your child, or if you have asked your doctor about alternatives to vaccines and are still waiting for clear answers, this book is a must read.

Find straight-forward answers to your questions about what is hidden in vaccines; what they do to the immune system and the myth of “herd immunity.” Contrast the confusing messages about vaccination coming from every direction with clear and concise facts, a fifteen-year study, and ongoing clinical evidence supporting Homeoprophylaxis.                 Finally, The Solution offers a natural answer to a difficult dilemma!

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